can drive launceston

The CanDrive is a major food drive run by Zest and Impression Promotional Products, started in 2009.  Running annually the CanDrive donates all food collected to the Launceston Benevolent Society. 

The CanDrive concept is all based around making food donations as simple as possible for as many people in and around Launceston, as if donating is simple then more people will be involved.  All people need to do each year is register their interest at the website, then they receive a box delivered to their workplace or organisation, then they just need to encourage workmates and colleagues to all bring in a few non-perishable items to help fill the box, then the box is collected – yes, it’s that simple!

The CanDrive is run each year around June to August and the food collected and donated to the Launceston Benevolent Society helps with food distribution to all their needy clients for nearly the whole year.  The CanDrive is a vital part of the LBS calendar now as without the huge annual donation the LBS would not be able to distribute the food out to the people of Launceston that require support in this area.