We specialise in providing food and material relief to people experiencing significant life crises, financial hardship, homelessness and family violence. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to 'Build Compassionate Communities'.

What we Do:

*Emergency Food Relief: We understand that access to nutritious meals is a fundamental human right. We provide emergency food relief (such as hampers and vouchers) to ensure that no one in our community goes hungry.

*Clothing & Furniture Relief: In times of crisis, having  necessities like clothing and furniture can make a world of difference. We offer support in securing these essentials where required.

*Financial Guidance & Support: We work closely with individuals and families to help them regain financial control over their bills and daily food needs. Our dedicated team provides guidance and resources to empower individuals towards financial stability. For example; we can assist with Aurora bills and provide food relief to assist you to free up your finances to assist with other bills. Book a time with our Welfare Support Worker to explore how we may assist you.

Our Commitment:

The Launceston Benevolent Society is built on the foundation of compassion, empathy and community spirit. we believe in the strength of collective support and the potential for positive change in every life we touch.


Our vision is to strengthen and build healthy, inclusive communities in our region and to ensure all Tasmanians, of all ages, share the same opportunities for a positive future.

Our Values

  • Compassion - Showing compassion and kindness,  treating everyone as an equal.
  • Integrity - Being open and transparent in our dealings with all people
  • Respect - Showing respect and helping to build self-esteem
  • Collaboration - Working with individuals, families, governments and services for the benefit 
  • of community engagement.
  • Effectiveness - Applying good governance to achieve effective outcomes

Strategic Goals:

*To Contribute to and build a Compassionate Society: We are motivated to provide respect and care for everyone in our community to ensure that responses to homelessness, poverty and family violence are whole of community concerns and that we all contribute to each other's lives in some way.  We all have an equal responsibility to provide fairness,  compassion and concern in our community.

We focus on the following:

Unity: Strive for justice, equity, diversity & inclusion

Service: Serve with Compassion

Transparency: Be open & authentic.

Change: We focus on changing the 'challenging experiences of social isolation' (homelessness, family violence & poverty). We commit to ensure that those who are experiencing disadvantage, hardship and discrimination in our society are not ignored. One example of this is to ensure that everyone has access to healthy and nutritious food-no-one should be without food.

To effectively utilise donations, gifts, contributions and bequests to continue the work of the organisation and support those in need.