Launceston Benevolent Society

Providing service to Tasmanian's for over 170 years

Launceston Benevolent Society (LBS) is an independent, non-religious, non-profit organisation which has been part of driving positive social change in Tasmania for three centuries.

The Society provides emergency support and assistance for people in need in the form of food vouchers, food hampers, clothing, budget and financial advice.

Find out more about how we're driving positive social change see getting involved or contact the Society’s Chief Executive Officer, John Stuart.

Our History

The LBS had its beginnings as part of the Benevolent Society, and was Australia's first charity. We are an independent, non-religious, non-profit organisation with nearly 200 years experience of driving positive social change. read more


Our Vision

Our goal is to help people to overcome the barriers preventing them from participating fully in society. By helping to build healthy, inclusive communities we can improve the quality of life of all Tasmanians. read more